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Midwinter is a non-profit event organized by a crew of volunteers. All of our funding comes from ticket sales. Finances are handled by The Attic ry, an arts and culture association run by a few Midwinter organizers.

The majority of the budget goes to the venue, catering, scenography, and props. To treat our staff fairly, character writers are paid a token fee for their work, and most accommodation and travel costs for staff are covered. Ticket prices for participants are:

EUR 130

+ Accommodation

eur 230

+ Accommodation

eur 330

+ Accommodation

All tickets include exactly the same content (see Practical for more details). Discount tickets are meant for anyone who needs one (we don’t ask for your reasons), but only a limited amount of them are available. Every sponsor ticket adds one discount ticket to the ticket pool.

Two free tickets are also available for participants who signed up in the initial sign-up period (July 1-19). These tickets include accommodation. They do not include travel costs or other personal costs for participating. 

Sign-up & Casting

Sign-up to the event has closed. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the waiting list for cancellation spots. It is possible to apply for a discount ticket for a cancellation spot.

Participants with confirmed tickets must pay the first installment of the ticket price EUR 60,00 (min.) by August 31st (except for free tickets). The rest of the ticket price, regardless of ticket type, is due October 19th. Exceptions for payment deadlines can be made in special circumstances.

COVID-19 & Refunds

These are undeniably uncertain times for organizing a larp. Midwinter will adhere to official health guidelines in effect in late 2020 and January 2021. Any precautions recommended at the time of the larp will be taken into account to ensure a safe larp environment. We promise to keep our participants informed about where we stand with our arrangements and financial obligations.


If the whole larp has to be cancelled or postponed, we can refund, at minimum (minus money transfer costs):


  • 95% of your ticket (and 100% of hotel accommodation) until the end of October 2020

  • 75% of your ticket (and 50% of hotel accommodation) until the end of November 2020


A later decision to cancel the larp would need to be addressed separately. In any scenario we will refund all the money we possibly can. 

In the case of postponement, participants may alternatively keep their existing ticket for the postponed run without extra costs. Any hotel payments may also be transferred towards hotel costs for the later run (although the room price may change for different dates).

Participants cancelling individual tickets for personal reasons are guaranteed at least a 50% refund until the end of October 2020.


January 7-10, 2021


Tenalji von Fersen
Suomenlinna, Helsinki

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