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We take accessibility seriously and we are working to make this larp open and available to all players. We acknowledge that there are many types of accessibility needs and that everyone is unique. The statements below should be considered a starting point not an end point. 


If you have specific needs or requirements or concerns that are not discussed below we’d invite you to contact us.

Physical access

The site has step-free access and lifts to reach the floor where the larp will take place.  The site itself is a series of rooms and corridors that are labyrinthine.  The floors are flat and even. We will ensure that our activities, facilities, and key plot locations are accessible.  Some of the work activities may require a degree of manual dexterity.  Please inform us as early as possible of any specific requirements you have, and we will work to ensure that all planned work activities are accessible.

There is one accessible toilet.


Food and drink

Meals will be served at regular times. If you have specific dietary requirements, we will work to meet them. Please make it clear at the time of booking if you have any specific allergies or intolerances so we can ensure that all foods are clearly labelled. Mealtimes will not be interrupted. Whilst the larp will allude to rationing of food, or restrictions to food due to incomplete quotas this will always refer to “next week’s” rations and will not happen during the larp.

There will always be access to food and fresh water. 

Time Keeping

The schedule for the day and evening in the workshop will be determined by other players. As far as possible, activities will take place at the published time. We will not be artificially manipulating the passage of time. Clocks will always be correct.

Electricity & Heating

Mains power can be made available where required. The location is not heated, and we suggest that players dress for the cold. Accommodation (if booked) is in a nearby hotel which will be both accessible, have an electrical supply, and be fully heated.

Printed Material

The larp will involve a small amount of printed material and some off-game forms. We will create large print versions of any printed material if required.

Opting in

All interactions are opt-in, not opt-out. Participants can go out-of-character at any time and without giving a reason. There will be no in-character penalty for opting out. It is always possible to avoid any form of physical conflict or interaction at any time. This option is available to all players.


Off Game Space

An out-of-character space is available to everyone. You are welcome to enter this space at any time for any reason.

Data Security

We will ask participants to disclose any accessibility requirements at the time of their booking. This information will be kept safe and not disclosed to any third parties. Only the organisers of the event will have access to this data.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us as early as possible to discuss your individual needs.